Back Massage


"I am now a 10 year veteran in massage therapy. I've seen dozens of massage therapists over the years for chronic pain caused by an auto immune disease. In these years I've never known a more caring, intuitive therapist with a vast knowledge of the anatomy of the body than Sarah Bound. My first visit with her I was miserable from my disease was at its peak and my pain severe. After one treatment with her I felt a true difference in my gait and my pain nearly absolved. With the knowledge she gave me I learned self care which still benefits me to this day. Since then we have become colleagues and true friends. I will always recommend her above all other therapists."    

- Erica J., Plymouth MA

"I have been to many muscular therapists over the years, but no one compares to Sarah. She is the most highly educated therapist and invests so much in her continued learning.  Her techniques are not like anyone else- full relaxation while serious issues are being worked out! As a dental professional I have many musculoskeletal issues, and without Sarah I would be in far worse shape!  She has kept me healthy for many years.  My only complaint is that she no longer is in the same state so I have to drive two hours to see her- but she is worth it!!!"   -

Dr. Kristine G., Marshfield MA

"My spinal/structural issues started at 14 years-old and I have had two back operations along the way. I have enjoyed my best structural health since starting with Sarah 6 years ago. Sarah brings a dedication to excellence, unmatched knowledge, and a gifted touch to the healing way of massage therapy."  

- Bob. T. Duxbury, MA

"I just had the single best massage I've ever had. I feel like a new woman!! Sarah Bound Grosse is a gem in our community!! For the first time is seven years I have movement where my tumor was removed!!! Grab a friend and get started on your way to whole body health!"    

- Courtney D., Kennebunk, ME

"I had the best massage ever from Sarah! She's an hour away from me and worth the trip! If you need someone to really help you she is the answer. Thank you Sarah Bound Grosse!"  

- Barbara P., Kingston NH

"If you need a now with Sarah Bound Grosse...the best ever...healing hands."  

- Maureen F., Dover, NH

"When I first went to Sarah, I was in bad shape with a lot of pain everyday. I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome bad in both arms, Plantar Fasciitis in one foot, back, shoulder, neck, hip & knee pain. It hurt going up and down stairs and simply sitting down & standing up. After one visit with Sarah, the pain in my knees & hip was almost gone! After 6-7 weeks of seeing Sarah, along with acupuncture & A.R.T. Treatment with a chiropractor my carpal tunnel went completely away & 4yrs. later has not come back! I went to a traditional hand doctor, (for carpal tunnel) before I met Sarah and all he was interested in was doing surgery. I was 55/56 yrs. old, doing Crossfit 3x a week when I met Sarah. Sarah is amazing at finding where the problem originates in your body, how it connects to the pain and works it out! I've been getting massage for 30yrs. from many different types of massage therapists in different states & countries. Sarah is by far the best I've ever had! She's amazing! Do yourself a favor & book a massage! You won't be disappointed!"  

- Teresa T. Marshfield, MA

Back Massage

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